Yonders Point

Yonders PointAre you looking for fun activities that your entire family can join? Do you want to fill your Friday nights with laughter and enjoyment? Then, joining Yonders Point’s activities is a must. 

Yonders Point is committed to offering fun-themed activities that every family would love and letting them create beautiful memories together. It is located at 3101 Aten Loop, Round Rock, Texas, just southwest of Settlers Park’s baseball fields. Site here

With Yonders Point, families can have a perfect place to enjoy picnics and a picturesque view of Bright Lake. They will also appreciate the trees, landscaping, lounges, terraced seating, and pergolas with a swing of the plaza. In short, it is a place where they can only experience fun, enjoyment, and relaxation.

The City of Round Rock built Yonders Point to create a relaxing, beautiful place for passive recreation and reflection. This place is different from the active recreation that Old Settlers Park offers. 

Popular Activities by Yonders Point 

Yonders Point is famous for providing Friday Fun Night, which features fun activities for the whole family for free. Every year they organize activities held every Friday for specific months. 

To give you an idea of what you can expect once you join Yonders Point events, here are some of the fun-filled activities last year:

Country Hoedown 

This event offers the participants free food, beer, and other refreshments. It is also a perfect event to experience games, mechanical bull, and live music.

Boogie Down YondersGLOW PARTY 

At this event, people can enjoy free food and refreshments. This alcohol-free event also offers fun activities, like a glow party and live DJ.

Date Night 

Couples can watch the Movie in the Park with this Friday night event, which features 50 First Dates. They can also get free food, beer, and other refreshments, t-shirts, and join dance competitions, couples yoga, and live music. 

Texas Luau 

This Luau Texas-style event is another perfect bonding activity for the entire family. They can enjoy Hawaiian dance lessons, ceremonial roasted pig, Hawaiian food, Lonestar Beer, and fire dance. There is also a live drum band.

Under the Big Top

Browse this site. This circus-themed event features free cotton candy, kettle corn, and Movie in the Park that features The Greatest Showman. Families are advised to bring chairs, blankets, and picnic dinners so that they can enjoy the activities even more.

Fiesta de Noche 

Fiesta de Noche includes special performances, a Movie in the Park that features Coco, Mexican treats, and more. Families can bring picnic dinners, chairs, and blankets. 

Acoustic Night 

This event is suitable for families who love music. It includes live music, free cotton candy, Lonestar beverages, and kettle corn. Visitors can watch a Movie in the Park that features The Greatest Showman. Families can bring chairs, blankets, and a picnic dinner.

BBQ Fundraiser for People & Parks Fund 

In this fundraising event, people can order a plate with sausage and brisket and two side dishes (beans and chips) for $20. The proceeds will go to the People & Parks Foundation. This event also features complimentary adult beverages, live music by People’s Choice Band, and other fun activities. 

Yonders Point

Family and Passive Recreations 

If your entire week is filled with energy-draining activities, Yonders Point will give you events that can relax your mind and body. These family-friendly events are a great way to strengthen your bond while re-energizing your body and mind. 

Joining Yonders Point’s events are free, so you do not need to worry about your budget. All activities are carefully planned, ensuring the whole family can get unforgettable moments and look forward to more bonding events. 

Instead of spending Friday nights at home, families in Round Rock attend the fun activities prepared by Yonders Point. This creates not only fun and beautiful memories between families but also an excellent chance to meet new people in the neighborhood and create new friendships.

With the events mentioned above, many people are now looking forward to knowing the future plans for Yonders Point. So, stay updated by visiting this link

If you plan to explore Rock Round this year or want to stay there for good, Yonders Point’s events are some of the incredible things you should not miss. 

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