Water Damage Restoration & Repair

    An unattended water leak can lead to bigger problems than you care to anticipate. A water leak can bring about the growth of molds and the accumulation of interior water damage. When left unaddressed, the problem often gives birth to more complicated issues that will require you to put out a big sum of money in order to get it fixed.

    Water Damage & Restoration Specialist

    It is also vital to note that when water accumulates in your attic, it may eventually result in a potential fire hazard. The insulation in your attic will most likely become saturated. Additionally, when the insulation is saturated with water, it can affect your property’s energy consumption as there will be a tendency for cold or warm air to find their way out of the house. As a result, the normal energy consumption of your property will most likely change.

    We at Water Damage and Roofing of Round Rock specialize in examining and fixing roofing systems that are affected by water damage. We are systematic in our examination and leave no corner unchecked. We also make a sound assessment of the damage and present the possibilities to you so you can choose a final course of action in order to remedy the problem.


    What to do when you have a leaking roof?

    1. Do not attempt to fix it on your own unless you are a professional roof installer as well. Sometimes when you do this, you create more damage.

    2. Call a professional roof service provider nearest to you.

    3. Ask the help of professionals to inspect the problem and locate it. It would surprise you to know that one major leak can actually be the end result of several others that have been leaking for quite some time now.

    4. Ask your service provider for the best way to remove the water damage to your property.

    5. Get their expert opinion on how best to proceed.

    Your Water Damage Experts

    The restoration process is the most challenging part of what we do when addressing water damage. This process may also involve replacing drywall and insulation materials. Depending on the severity of your property’s water damage, we either replace your entire walls or simply install a few drywall panels to replace affected ones.

    Water damage in your home need not dampen your hopes. That is what Water Damage and Roofing of Round Rock is here for. Let us take care of the restoration process so that you can enjoy the comforts of your home once again.


    Always entrust your roofing services needs to professionals and certified contractors who value customer satisfaction and excellence.

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