Upstream Learning Preschool

Upstream Learning Preschool is a preschool and daycare serving the beautiful Round Rock, Texas. 

A home turned preschool in the middle of oak trees, offering a beautiful and tranquil learning environment. The school offers urban convenience combined with a loving family feel. 

This preschool is a perfect setting for early learners to thrive. Located in a quiet, relaxing cul-de-sac with live oak trees, the school focuses on outdoor play and delivers an incredible garden program. Both the facilities and location boost the learner’s physical development and learning habits. 

Both parents and students can have a chance to breathe in the fresh air, unwind, and soak in the sun. The school is only a few minutes from trails, Meadow Lake Parks, and other destinations where they can reconnect in nature. 

A Brief History 

Before Emily Reichert became a public school administrator, she taught in elementary, middle, and high schools. She also ran the Professional Development for Round Rock ISD to help educate staff members in effective and efficient teaching practices. Web Link

Emily and his husband, Kevin, were blessed with two beautiful daughters, Grace and Hannah. While searching for quality preschool for their daughters, she discovered the need for an academically structured learning environment. Since they could not find that kind of school in the area, the couple built Upstream Learning Preschool, where their daughters and other kids can study in. See Next Article

Creating Strong Bonds Among Learners and Other Families 

Upstream Learning Preschool aims to serve families in Round Rock for the long term and build strong relationships and bonds among learners and families. The school completely understands the real needs of the students, allowing them to cater the needed services from preschool education until their educational adventure in kindergarten. 

This school provides a setting for social-emotional learning, celebrating Christian values with everyday actions, like sharing critical lessons and gratitude before meals with a little prayer. 

Upstream Learning Preschool serves as every child’s second home. This is a place where they can obtain the individualized attention necessary to thrive. Besides learners, parents, siblings, and grandparents will feel confident and comfortable among the friendly and professional teaching staff. They will have a family that loves and supports each other. 

The curriculum is according to evidence-based Texas preschool guidelines and Texas essential knowledge and skills. Students will learn age-appropriate lessons and exciting topics that can keep them excited and engaged every day. Science experiments, circle time, discovery centers, and journaling serve as a solid foundation for a lifelong love of learning. 

Here are the notable programs offered by Upstream Learning Preschool:

  • Infants 
  • Toddlers 
  • 2 Years 
  • 3 Years 
  • Pre K
  • Kinder Ready 

Choosing Upstream Learning Preschool for Lifelong Love of Learning 

At an early age, Upstream Learning Preschool provides learners with the necessary foundation to let them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Since towering trees surround Upstream Learning on a quiet and safe cul-de-sac, young kids will feel at home in the cozy and cheery 6-room home turned into a school. These small class sizes enable learners to get the attention they need to be nurtured and feel seen and heard.

The rigorous and fun guided activities come with different themes every year to catch the kids’ attention and deepen their comprehension. Skills like focus, self-regulation, social know-how, using the restroom alone, and writing their name are critical parts of every learner’s toolbox.

The school creates a confident and seamless transition from pre-K to kindergarten. Parents can notice their kids’ language skills improve while the teaching staff tracks their process, helping them toward academic success.

Parents can also join school celebrations and events annually as valued members of the community formed in the school. Students and students share a communal lunch every Friday, allowing them to kick the weekend with a simple yet meaningful celebration. 

Teachers are carefully picked to ensure the nurturing and genuine guidance that learners need to develop them academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. Besides learning the alphabet and numbers, kids will learn acts of gratitude, kindness, and friendship. These practices help increase self-fulfillment, contentment, and well-being. 

Since high fences enclose the school, students can safely play, jump, run, and repeat throughout the property. The covered patio classroom enables them to play with sand, mold play dough, stamp, paint, etc. This allows them to learn and explore through sensory experience.

Teachers provide children with lessons and activities to exercise their motor skills and imagination. They can also play team games in the covered courtyard or explore the wooden play structures. 

Upstream Learning Preschool also has an app where everyone can stay connected. Parents and guardians will receive daily communications about their children. 

Important Information About Upstream Learning Preschool