Turkey Hollow, TX

Turkey Hollow is a 2015 Thanksgiving television movie that was created by Jim Henson Company. It premiered on Lifetime on November 21, 2015. Narrated by Ludacris, the film stars Mary Steenburgen, Genevieve Buechner, Reese Alexander, Peter New, and Linden Banks.

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The story follows two young people, Tim and Annie, as they search for a creature resembling a yeti, sasquatch, or bigfoot. Tim tries to communicate with these creatures using an instrument made by his father, Ned. This instrument is shaped like a keytar and has horns. Tim and Annie, Cly’s bratty teenage daughter, are also in the neighborhood. Eldridge, the corporate executive, is also a member of the family.

Turkey Hollow is an animated film from the Jim Henson Company. It is based on a 1968 Jim Henson story. It centers on a family who arrives at a remote farm to spend Thanksgiving with Aunt Cly. While they are spending Thanksgiving there, the Emmersons decide to investigate a legend of a mysterious creature hiding in the woods. Along the way, they unexpectedly find themselves helping the old woman and her family.

Annie Emmerson’s late father suspected that something was amiss at Turkey Hollow, but couldn’t convince his widow of it. Tim and Annie decide to go to Turkey Hollow to claim the reward, but soon realize that there’s something supernatural lurking in the woods. They find a scheming neighbor, and their neighbors are being threatened by a mysterious monster. A strange thing is also plaguing their home. A fantastic read

Turkey Hollow is an enjoyable film, with positive themes and scary moments. Despite being inspired by an unfinished work, it manages to keep the story light and enjoyable while addressing important themes like parenting and family. The movie also features sexual allusions and language. It’s a good family movie for kids of all ages.