The Jungle Movement Academy


The Jungle Movement Academy is a parkour and freerunning gym that was established in Round Rock, Texas, in 2016. The academy was founded by two brothers, Josh and Ben Pascua, who had a passion for parkour and freerunning and wanted to create a safe and welcoming environment where people could learn and practice these skills.

The idea for The Jungle Movement Academy began in 2013 when the Pascua brothers were training in parkour and freerunning in the Houston area. They noticed that there were not many gyms or facilities that catered specifically to these disciplines, and the ones that did exist were often limited in space and equipment. They believed that parkour and freerunning were becoming increasingly popular and wanted to create a place where people could train and learn without any limitations. Additional Read

After some research, the Pascua brothers found that Round Rock, Texas, was the perfect location for their academy. The area had a growing population and a strong sense of community and was relatively close to Austin, which was becoming a hub for parkour and freerunning enthusiasts.

In 2016, the Pascua brothers opened The Jungle Movement Academy in a 5,000-square-foot facility in Round Rock. The gym was designed to cater to all levels of parkour and freerunning, from beginners to advanced athletes. It featured a range of equipment, including trampolines, foam pits, and a variety of obstacles, such as walls, bars, and platforms.

Focus on Safety 

One of the unique features of The Jungle Movement Academy is its focus on safety. The gym has a team of experienced coaches who are trained in spotting and safety techniques. Click This Link

They work with students to develop their skills in a safe and controlled environment, ensuring that they progress at their own pace and avoid injury.

The academy also places a strong emphasis on community. The Pascua brothers wanted to create a space where people could come together and support each other in their training. The gym regularly hosts events and workshops, bringing together athletes from different backgrounds and skill levels to learn from each other and build relationships.

Since its establishment, The Jungle Movement Academy has become a hub for the parkour and freerunning community in Round Rock and the surrounding areas. It has attracted athletes of all ages and backgrounds, from children as young as five to adults in their fifties. The gym has also hosted a number of competitions and events, including the Texas Parkour Jam, which draws participants from all over the state.

Offering a Variety of Initiatives & Programs 

In addition to its classes and workshops, The Jungle Movement Academy has also launched a range of programs and initiatives aimed at promoting the benefits of parkour and freerunning. For example, the academy offers a program called “Parkour for All,” which provides free classes to underprivileged youth in the community.

What Can You Expect When You Go There?

When you go to The Jungle Movement Academy in Round Rock, Texas, you can expect a welcoming and supportive environment where you can learn and practice parkour and freerunning skills. Here are some of the things you can expect when you visit the gym:

  • A safe and controlled environment – The Jungle Movement Academy places a strong emphasis on safety, and its coaches are trained to provide a safe and controlled environment for students to learn and practice their skills. 

The gym is equipped with high-quality equipment, such as foam pits, trampolines, and obstacles, to help ensure that students can progress at their own pace while minimizing the risk of injury.

  • A range of classes and programs – The Jungle Movement Academy offers a range of classes and programs for students of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, you can find a class or program that is suitable for your needs. The gym also offers private coaching for students who want more individualized attention and instruction.
  • Experienced coaches – The coaches at The Jungle Movement Academy are experienced and knowledgeable in parkour and freerunning. They are trained to provide personalized coaching and instruction to help students improve their skills and achieve their goals.
  • A supportive community – The Jungle Movement Academy is committed to building a supportive community of parkour and freerunning enthusiasts. The gym regularly hosts events, workshops, and competitions to bring together athletes from different backgrounds and skill levels. The community at The Jungle Movement Academy is inclusive and welcoming, and students are encouraged to support and learn from each other.
  • A fun and challenging workout – Parkour and freerunning can be both physically and mentally challenging, and a workout at The Jungle Movement Academy is no exception. You can expect to be challenged both mentally and physically as you learn new skills and techniques. However, a supportive environment and knowledgeable coaches can help you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Important Information about The Jungle Movement Academy

  • Address: 2701 Gattis School Rd #100C, Round Rock, TX 78664, United States
  • Website:
  • Phone: +17372024428
  • Working Hours: Monday-Friday (10 AM–10 PM), Saturday (10 AM–8 PM), Sunday (Closed)