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Are you curious about how honey in Round Rock, Texas, tastes like? Do you want to learn proper beekeeping? Then, it’s time to try Round Rock Honey products or join the famous Round Rock Honey Beekeeping Class

Round Rock Honey offers 100%, pure honey. The honey is not a varietal one but rather a true wildflower honey. The company understands how difficult it is to produce wildflower honey. Plus, the yields are unpredictable. However, owners Konrad and Elizabeth Bouffard focus on quality instead of quantity. 

A Brief History 

Konrad and Elizabeth Bouffard founded Round Rock Honey in 2003, with only four hives in their backyard. They sell freshly harvested honey on Saturdays at Austin farmers markets. The couple’s mantra remains even after two decades have passed, “That which the bees give us, we give you. When we say 100% honey, we mean it!” 

Round Rock Honey’s emphasis on quality extends to the harvest and packaging. Honey is “robbed” regularly when the season and weather permit. Then, it is promptly bottled. It is poured through a stainless steel sieve to get rid of wax caps, bee wings, and legs. But it is never filtered or heated. 

Honey is removed from hives by centrifuge. This helps prevent complex sugar, trace minerals, and pollen from compromising the quality of the honey. Continue Reading

What is Round Rock Honey Beekeeping Class?

Round Rock Honey offers fun and exciting beekeeping classes for individuals or groups who want to learn more about bees and proper beekeeping. While Round Rock Honey Beekeeping Class is designed mostly for those with little or without beekeeping knowledge and experience, people with little experience are still welcome.

This beekeeping class covers the basic introduction to bees, hives, and keeping. It also covers how-to information for beekeeping during spring, summer, fall, and winter and how to manage disease and parasites. Each class enables participants to suit up and obtain hands-on experience at Round Rock Honey’s on-site apiary. 

The integrated workshops teach students how to assemble their own hives correctly. They will also know how to popular the hives with honeybees and the proper techniques for harvesting honey. As they acquire knowledge and skills from this class, they can take the next step – purchase their own bees and equipment to build their own hives.

Round Rock Honey Beekeeping Class’s instructor will answer every student’s question and provide them with valuable advice. While the class size varies, it is rare to have over 5 to 10 participants per instructor. Get Redirected Here

The class starts from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM and is held at the Round Rock Honey warehouse at Chisholm Trail Road. Generally, students can spend at least 50% of the class at 1 of 4 teaching apiaries. 

Here are some advantages of beekeeping:

  • Produce honey, which is one of the most valuable nutritional foods.
  • Produce bee wax necessary for different industries, such as pharmaceuticals, polishing, cosmetics, etc.
  • Promote excellent pollination, where honey bees serve as the best pollinating agents and help increase the yield of different crops.

Bees are the only insects that can produce honey. And learning beekeeping helps human beings continuously obtain the benefits offered by honey. 

Whether you are only visiting Round Rock, Texas, or living in this beautiful city, make sure to stop by Round Rock Honey or join the beekeeping class. You can also take advantage of different honey products that you can use in different ways, from food to cosmetics and medicine. 

Honey House Tour and Beginning Beekeeping Seminar 

Besides the Beekeeping Class, Round Rock Honey also offers a house tour and beekeeping seminar. 

Honey Hour Tour 

In 2014, Round Rock Honey started offering a one-hour factory tour. This tour is designed to highlight Round Rock Honey’s history. It also covers the company’s unique harvesting and beekeeping processes. Participants will also learn about the honey’s blending and bottling processes. 

Free Beginning Beekeeping Seminar 

This seminar by Round Rock Honey is perfect for those who want to become beekeepers. Here are the topics covered:

  • Basic bee biology 
  • Equipment needs 
  • Functions 
  • Types 
  • Land considerations 
  • Products of hives 
  • Gear
  • How to harvest honey 
  • And more!

Round Rock Honey will not open a field hive during the seminar. However, the company will conduct an in-house observation hive if the weather permits. A certified master beekeeper will lead all the discussions. 

Round Rock Honey Products 

Aside from joining Round Rock Honey Beekeeping Class and other events, people can also try a wide array of products, from soap and skincare to beekeeping supplies.

Here are some of the popular products:

  • Honey Sampler 
  • Honey (40 oz)
  • Orange Cinnamon Honey 
  • Reserve Bourbon Barrel Honey 
  • Honey Trifecta! 
  • Honey (½ lb.)
  • Honey (1 lb.) 

Important Information About Round Rock Honey Beekeeping Class

  • Address: 3100 Chisholm Trail Rd, Round Rock, TX 78681
  • Phone: +1 512-828-5416
  • Website:
  • Business Hours: Monday to Friday – 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM