Round Rock Christian Church

Round Rock Christian ChurchWelcome to Round Rock Christian Church; this is a denominational congregation built on the basis that God is a good Father who plentifully and abundantly loves all His children. They believe that encounters with the heart of the Father and love are planned for each believer, and these encounters will change your life. They desire to see each segment of culture impacted by the changing power and love of the gospel as well as the renewal fires of His love. Join in the adventure of experiencing and knowing His love.

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The worship gathering always considers engaging, practical sermons or messages, prayer, singing and communion, and Bible reading. It is a perfect time to visit as well as experience the church. Casual dress is required, and everyone is welcome.

They provide children’s environment regardless of age every Sunday during the Bible lesson time and for infants via third grade during the first and second service.

Christian Church Overview

The Disciples of Christ or Christian Church is a mainline Protestant Christian denomination in the US and Canada. This denomination begins with the Restoration Movement during the Second Great Awakening, originally existing during the nineteenth century as a loose churches association of churches working towards the unity of Christianity, then gradually developing a quasi-denominational structure through regional associations, missionary societies as well as international conventions. Christian Church formally took in a denominational structure in 1968; at that time, a set of churches left to keep nondenominational.

Often it is referred to as The DOC, The Disciples, The Christian Church, and The Disciples of Christ. The Christian Church was a deed participant in the configuration of the WCC or Council of Churches and of the FCC or Federal Council of Churches, now called the National Council of Churches, and it keeps on engaging in ecumenical conversations.

The Disciples of Christ or Christian Church originates on the American frontier Stone Campbell Movement. This movement began as two different but the same movements, each with no understanding of the other, for the Second Great Awakening in the first quarter of the nineteen century. The first group was led by Barton Stone and started at Cane Ridge, Bourbon County, Kentucky. They are called Christians. The other one started in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, led by Thomas Campbell and Alexander Campbell, his son. As the founders wished to discard all denominational labels, they used the biblical name for Jesus’ followers, which they discovered in the Bible.

Mission and Vision

The main objective of this church is to be a significant center that strengthens and feeds the neighborhood community physically and spiritually via their passion for God and the people of God.

Round Rock Christian Church

Events and Volunteer Work

RRCC, or Round Rock Christian Church, loves its society. There are some events as well as volunteer works that take account of the following:

  • Advent and Christmas
  • Book Group
  • Chancel Choir and Praise Band
  • Caring Hearts PrayerMinistry
  • Disciples Women’s
  • Stephen Ministry
  • Worship Services
  • Union Hill Elementary School Involvement
  • Hopewell Middle School Involvement
  • Hop Into Easter

Facilities Offered by Round Rock Christian Church

RRCC is also always available for all facility needs. The multi-use gym or fellowship hall is ideal for various kinds of special events, such as basketball teams, volleyball teams, and exercise classes. At this point, Round Rock Christian Church allows insured and registered organizations to use their facilities.

Round Rock Christian Church also has a stunning and wonderful worship or sanctuary center that is perfect for different kinds of events such as recitals, weddings, small conferences, and even classrooms that are ideal for meetings and camps. The facility is not accessible to outside users on weekends.

Rental Documents: It is essential to know that users are needed to carry property as well as liability insurance. Also, users will be required to agree to and sign a hold harmless or facility use agreement. Smoking materials, weapons, electronic smoking devices, alcohol, and drug use are prohibited on Round Rock Christian Church property.


Round Rock Christian Church is not just about worship; they also teach kids and adults alike the importance of reading the bible and worshipping God.  There are also facilities available for rent. Source 

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