Round Rock Amp

Central Texas’ latest venue held its magnificent and luxurious opening in 2022 with two evenings of Outlaw County’s much-loved artist Cody Jinks. The newest venue is at 3701 N Interstate Hwy 35 Round Rock, TX 78665, and is controlled by the operators and owners of the iconic Hill Country location, Nutty Brown Amp, which closed in the last quarter of 2021. What makes Round Rock Amp apart from the rest is the broader array of genres outside the county and rock acts Nutty Brown was renowned for, with an assembly that spans food festivals to hip hop and rap. 

Round Rock Amp opening will bring a lot of world-class entertainment to Round Rock; this is according to Craig Morgan, Round Rock Mayor. Rock Round residents and nearby residents are looking forward to this latest venue attracting renowned and famous artists to the community and the extra perk it will give the people. Check Over Here

The 18-acre lot where the Round Rock Amp is erected is tucked between the trees of the previous McNeil Park. It considers a translatable general admission spot and reserved seating to provide accommodation for many kinds of events, such as festivals, concerts, and community events. 

Round Rock Amp Policies and Regulations

The management imposed rules and regulations to maintain its cleanliness and operations. Here are some of their policies:

  • Parking space is available on-site, and you need to pay $20.
  • All of the events or occasions are rain or shine. Umbrellas are not permitted for visibility and safety,
  • No outside cushions, chairs, or strolling permitted inside the amphitheater.
  • No outside alcohol, drinks, food, coolers as well as other containers.
  • Video and big professional cameras are not permitted at anytime
  • No selfie sticks, GoPros, binoculars, and drones are permitted inside the venue

If you have any items not allowed inside the amphitheater, you’ll be requested to put them back in your car before entering the venue. The management is not responsible for any misplaced or lost items. Re-entry is also not allowed in the venue. Jump To This Site

Round Rock Amp doesn’t have a coat check or other place to hold the items. Visitors are accountable for their belongings and any merchandise they buy while inside. Valid ID should be presented at the gate and bar. 

Management and security guards reserve the right to guide anyone out of the place as they deem needed. Customers are subject to search when going inside the venue. Pets are not permitted in the venue, but service dogs are welcome. Shirts and shoes are needed; consumption of drinks or alcohol in a parking lot is not allowed. Third party tickets don’t assure admittance to the Round Rock Amp. Refund of tickets is not subject to refunds even when you leave the place. The visitor may not stand in aisles and walkways, and minors with a fake IDs or under the influence of alcohol will be eliminated from the place.

Wide Parking Area

The main gate to the parking lot is situated on Mays Street. If you’re heading on IH-35, Exit 1431 / Cedar Park, you can go straight to the light and turn right on University. Take the second right onto Mays Street. The entrance gate is situated ahead on the right side. You’re you are heading to Cedar Park of IH-35, Exit 1431; you can the light and turn left on University, and go straight onto Mays. The entrance gate is situated ahead on the right side. 

Other Information You Need to Know 

When it comes to seating, you can refer to the individual event page you’re interested in to know that seating events chart. 

Food Available at the Venue

If you are asking if there is food, yes, there is. There are no food establishments inside, but walk-up food service is accessible to all visitors. No outside beverages or food are permitted. Round Rock Amp comes with a full bar serving wine, beer as well as liquor. Outside drinks and food are not permitted. Eighteen years old and below caught in possession of alcohol will be guided out right away and referred to a police officer. No proof of vaccination or COVID test is required to attend an event.

There are no reserved seats in the VIP Grove or VIP Beer Garden. Both VIP areas are general admission standing-room-only sites. Every VIP section has restricted seating or a table that isn’t reserved. Is a purse allowed inside the place? Yes, purses are permitted inside. However, they will be subject to search when they go in inside. However, no big backpacks and bags are permitted inside the venue. Blankets and chairs are not permitted inside the Round Rock Amp. Blankets are permitted to sit on the lawn.

Important Information to Remember