Roof Repair

    Roof Repair is the work of inspecting your home’s roof and identifying and repairing any damages with a durable new roofing material that will protect your property from the sun, wind, and rain. By reading this roof repair manual, you can save time and learn about the Roofing Repair process. Additionally, it isĀ important to find a qualified roofing contractor, and by reading this informational blog post it you will be able to better assess your roofing problems

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    Steps in Roof Repair

    You begin with a Inspection of Roof
    We first assess the age and material of the roofing system:
    • Tile Roof
    • Shingle Roof
    • Metal Roof
    • Flat Roof


    Next, we thoroughly look at the roofs construction such as shingle roof, tile roof, or metal roof. Next we inspect for failing roofing components and overall condition. We inspect the drainage, proper venting, flashing, and gutters.

    Things that we can loos for are shingle granuale loss, damages from a wind or hail storm, or tree damages.

    Sometimes the roof was incorrectly build or previously repaired. In these cases we look for the adequate roof pitch to drain water, and see if their are any ‘dead-valleys’ that allow water to pool.

    Flashing materials protect your home from penetrations in the roof decking, such as Chimneys, or Vent Stacks, or any other penetration into your roof. We make sure that their is appropriate sheet metal flashing materials and installation.

    After Our Damage Assessment

    We meet with the homeowner to show pictures and evidence of the roofing problem. Then we discuss the proper solution to the problem.

    Work Performed
    1. Asphalt Shingle Roof
    2. Barrel Rile Roof
    3. Snap-lock Metal Roof
    4. Flat Roof

    Our trained technicians will arrive early that day to perform the work needed. Most roofing repair jobs take just one day. But remember it can be noisy, and we need to have full access to your driveway.

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