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When it comes to roof replacement, you want a roofing company that will take care of all your roofing needs. If you have questions about further roofing services in Round Rock, then all you need to do is call the professionals. Water Damage and Roofing of Round Rock will come and complete a roofing inspection, so you know what to expect.

Also, you should get your roof looked at twice a year because we can determine if any issues are spreading as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might request a significant roof repair service to replace larger portions of your roof that don’t need to be.

Professional Reroofing Contractor in Round Rock –  Quality You Can Count on for Your Roof Repairs

Roofing contractors need to be the best at their job because you want to ensure that you and your loved ones are secure while at home. Also, since there are many roof types in the roofing industry, it will benefit you if your roofing contractors know about the different materials.

At WDR, we ensure that our roofing services are perfect for every customer because every team member is properly trained and licensed to work on your roof repair including hail damage roof repair. When it comes to the right companies, you will have difficulty finding one that can do it all in Round Rock.

Shingle Roof

Here Are Some of the Roof Repair Options We Offer:

It does not matter what materials are needed for your roof replacement because we know how to fix it. Here are a few of the materials we use when it’s time for you to get a new roof.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are great roofs, and you can see them on many different properties. Typically, they can last around 20 years in the roofing business. However, you should get the entire roof replaced every 12-20 years. This will also depend on what variety of shingles have been used.

Composite shingles may need to be replaced more frequently than asphalt or wood. However, you don’t need to stress because your roofing contractor will be up there in a flash.

Steel Roofing

Metal roofing has become very popular amongst customers because it can cost $5 per square foot, but the price may rise to $14. Also, metal roofs are known for upping the resale value of a home between one to six percent. Another great reason why metal roofs have become so popular is that your insurance company may lower your premium.

The reason why metal roofing will affect your insurance prices is that it will cost the insurance company less to pay if something were to happen to it. We also recommend having a light color for your metal roofing because it can help with the heat in Round Rock, TX.

If you have other queries about your new metal roof, then get in contact with our team today.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete is a sturdy material that will need a professional to handle it. Other roofing companies may not know how to work with this heavy material because you will need the proper framework to keep it in place. However, we’re the Round Rock roofers ready for the job.

Our knowledge helps ensure that your concrete roof will fit seamlessly with the property. This includes if you need it to be sloped.


Do you want a touch of elegance to your roof? Well, ceramic roofs give you that. This will provide you with a distinctive exterior design that all of your neighbors will notice once we’re done. Also, it is durable, making it a great choice for those hot days in Round Rock, TX.

However, you should know that installing can be tricky, but not for us. We know everything there is to know about ceramic tiles, which makes us the experts you need.

Wood Shakes

If you want a more pleasing and natural look to your property, then a wooden shake roof might be the one for you. Many people like its rustic appearance, making it one that will complement any country-style home. Also, they’re pretty rain and wind-resistant, which is great for some rough seasons in Round Rock.

Slate Roofing

Slate roofs are great for people looking to stand out amongst the crown. It is rustic and classy. Also, if you install it and maintain it with the right inspections, you can keep this roof for a long time. Additionally, since water can’t penetrate it, you won’t see mold problems growing on your roof.

Is It Time to Reroof Your Home in Round Rock, TX?

Typically, you may need a roof repair long before a complete roof installation in Round Rock, TX. That also means that if you don’t know how to inspect your roof correctly, you should call WDR. You may need multiple roof repairs in these cases:

  • Shingles are missing.
  • Moss is growing.
  • Shingles are buckling, curling, or missing granules.
  • Discolored streaks can be seen.
  • Your roof is over 20 years old.

Why Do Round Rock Residents and Commercial Property Owners Hire Us for Reroofing?

Residential and commercial properties always work with WDR because we know how to help every customer. Roofing repairs need to be handled by the right residential roofing company that will put you first. We are a locally-owned business helping the local community, so who knows the area and the weather better? No one!

You will find that working with our team is a pleasant experience that continues to bring people back again and again. This is because we are an honest roofing company that wants to ensure every customer is happy and that no one is misled by any information we give.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Layers Are Allowed on a Roof?

Residential roofing should never have more than three layers of shingles. However, it may need two layers depending on the building and city code. The reason why you don’t want too many layers on your roof is that it will put a strain on the trusses, which will not be good for your home.

What Is the Difference Between Roof Replacement and Reroofing?


If you want the quickest and least costly experience when it comes to getting your roof’s appearance back to its original state, then reroofing is for you. The company would put new shingles on top of your worn shingles to help restore the look of your roof. Also, this will add an additional protective layer to your home.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is when the old shingles are taken off your roof, and new ones are put on. When the old roof is removed, a felt paper or underlayment is applied to the deck, which will support and protect it from the elements. The new shingles are then placed on the underlayment.

How Long Does a Reroof Last?

Regarding your roof replacement, there are a few things to think about. Every roof will have its own lifespan, depending on the material. This is because some materials allow the roof to live longer. If it is made of slate, tile, or copper, you could see your roof replacement lasting 50 years.

However, fiber cement shingles typically only last between 25-30 years. Then, asphalt shingles/composition will last around 20 years. You can see that it all depends on what material your roof is made out of.

How Long Does It Take to Place on a New Roof?

Residential roofing services completed by professionals will be the fastest process you’ve ever seen. Typically, the project will take a week to complete, but it also depends on the size and the style you want.

Is It Cheaper to Reroof?

Reroofing will end up being more cost-effective compared to any other service. If you need to repair your roof multiple times a year or want to replace it completely, then you will be looking at a larger price tag. However, reroofing will require less labor, less time, and fewer materials, which is why it is cheaper to reroof.

What Time Is Ideal for Roof Replacement?

Typically, fall is the best season for any roofing repair to take place. This is because the other seasons have harsh weather patterns that will affect the roofing job that is being completed.

WDR – The Roofing Contractors You Need

When you need a roofing repair done, you should call WDR. We are knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate when it comes to roofing. Every customer will be happy they’ve spoken to one of our representatives because we will walk you through the entire process.

You will consistently know what is going on. We believe being open and honest with our customers in Round Rock, TX, will benefit both of us. This is because no one likes to be blindsided when it comes to expenses.

Overall, we will treat your home like it’s our home so that you will receive the best price, quality materials, and top-notch service from us.


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Always entrust your roofing services needs to professionals and certified contractors who value customer satisfaction and excellence.

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