If you’re planning to repair or replace your roofing system, you must know the questions to ask a roofing contractor before firing them. Roofers are not made equal, and each will try to convince you that they are the best.

Asking the following questions will help you pick the right contractor in Round Rock, Texas:

2022 what does hail damage look like on a roofAre You Insured, Bonded, and Licensed?

This is the first question to ask a roofing contractor before working with them. A licensed contractor eliminates worry about using the right materials. The contractor will have experience in helping clients get the project’s appropriate building permit and paperwork.

A licensed contractor will also ensure that your project doesn’t go against the local building code. Roofers with a business license help clients with project planning and design to get a quality roof.

They usually offer a service warranty and after-sales services to ensure you’re happy with them.

Working with a bonded roofer ensures that you receive your money’s worth from the project. Any bonded company will reimburse you if they don’t complete the job or use substandard materials.

You must also be sure that the company is insured. It must have liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Liability cover protects you from damage to your property. Workers’ compensation cover will assist when a worker gets injured on the job.

The ideal roofing company must have a general liability insurance certificate, business license, and physical address. Remember that licensing requirements vary by state, making it important to work with a business compliant with local regulations.

how much does it cost to replace a roofIs Your Business Local?

You must ensure you work with a Round Rock roofing company. A local company will have knowledge of the harsh weather, including storms, hail, and wind damage that cause roof problems. This allows finding an appropriate solution to your roof problem.

Local roofers offer a hands-on-experience and personalized customer service. The company will keep checking on you to ensure that everything is in place even after completing the project. This makes them accountable for anything that may come amiss shortly after handing over the project.

Working with a local roofing contractor supports your economy, and the roofer will always be available wherever you need their services. Local roofers understand local building codes and require the necessary paperwork.

how to get insurance to pay for roof replacementDo You Have Certification From a Shingle Manufacturer?

You must ask potential contractors whether they have certification from suppliers and whether you can see it. The certification proves that the manufacturer trusts the roofer.

Contractors who do quality roofing work are established in the community, and the manufacturers usually seek them to promote their shingles. These usually seek out top contractors to maintain their brand image.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Experience matters when choosing a roofing contractor. These will likely build connections along the way with local suppliers with the best materials. Experienced roofers understand utility rebates, tax credits, and the building permit required and can undertake various roof repair issues.

A new company is less likely to understand Round Rock’s inclement weather and licensing requirements. Roofing contractors with experience have a big portfolio and a number of happy clients who can vouch for their quality roofs.

how much does it cost to replace a roofDo You Offer a Workmanship Warranty?

A workmanship warranty is essential for a roofing investment. The ideal roofing contractor must offer this warranty. Longer warranties protect you from careless or lazy work, which may make you invest in repair or new roof replacement soon after.

Roof warranties cover the installation process, and the roofing company will fix the problem if the installation fails. Never hire a roofing contractor who isn’t ready to stand by their work.

Who Do I Talk to if I Have a Problem?

The work of a roofing contractor is as good as their customer service. When you get a problem on your roof shortly after the roof contractors have completed their work, you must call their office and request to speak to the manager.

A reputed roofing contractor will take time to listen to your concerns and promise to come and rectify the problem. Clearly explain the problem for the contractor to know exactly what went wrong and what needs to be done.

Be wary of some roofing contractors that come in when you desperately need their services and do shoddy work. These contractors may not understand appropriate local codes and aim to get quick money from storm-hit homeowners before moving to the next victim.

Do You Have References?

Before you begin working with a roofing company, most homeowners should ask for references and any information you may need about them, such as their telephone numbers. The references should be their most recent customers. Some questions to ask the references include:

  • Were you satisfied with the new roof installation?
  • What type of roofing job did the company do for you?
  • Did the contractor complete the job on time?
  • Do they have hidden costs?
  • Did the technicians clean up after completing their work?
  • Would you recommend the company to your family and friend?

how to get insurance to pay for roof replacementDo You Use Sub-contractors?

You must know whether the roofing company will subcontract your roofing project to another contractor. A reputable roofing contractor never uses sub-contractors on any of their projects.

Sub-contractors are usually paid per job and may use shortcuts to complete the roofing project in the shortest time possible. These may use subpar materials making the quality of work suffer.

A reputable company will have a dedicated project manager to oversee that your full roof replacement is done right.

Do You Offer a Written Estimate?

Every Round Rock homeowner must have a roofing contractor they can call out for a service estimate when having a problem with their roof. Roofing quotes include everything that needs to be done as part of the roofing project.

The estimate is provided once the contractor has inspected your roof and documented what needs to be done. A reputable company will give you a written quote to save you from unexpected costs down the road.

Roofing companies that don’t give clients written estimates must be avoided.

Do You Clean Up After Completing the Project?

During the hiring process, you must ask a roofer what they do to scrap material on the job site. Roofing projects usually leave old material and scrap left over.

The right roofer must accept to clean up your property after completing their work. You can ask a roofing contractor to bring a truck to remove refuse material before handing over the project.

Is Your Roofing Company a Member of the Better Business Bureau?

Reputable roofing companies are members of the BBB with good ratings. You can check for the Better Business Bureau logo on the roofer’s website. Members of this organization undergo a thorough evaluation to ensure they uphold BBB Accreditation standards.

Do You Have a Physical Address?

Another question to ask a roofing contractor before working with them is whether they have an address. A Google search is a good idea when looking for Round Rock roofing companies. However, it pays to know their physical address.

It shows that the roofer is legit and committed to helping homeowners with their roofing needs.

How Is Payment Handled?

A roofer may ask for a down payment ranging from 10% to 30% of the overall cost. Larger projects, such as upgrading the whole roof, may need up to one-third of the total cost.

Trustable companies won’t ask you for more than that and never pay cash. Credit or debit cards and checks are strongly recommended since they are traceable.

How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take?

Replacing a roof of an average 3,000-square-foot house takes about a day. In extreme cases, it may take up to five days, depending on project complexity, weather, size, and accessibility to your home.

Do You Have Membership to the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAFT)?

You must also ensure that your contractor belongs to this professional body for everyone in the industry. The organization encourages roofers to uphold ethics, education, and image.

RCAT provides continuing education, industry contacts, and networking to all its members. The body also provides an active forum for governmental and public relations.

How Do You Protect the Project in Case of Inclement Weather?

Your roofer must be prepared for anything that may stall the project, such as harsh weather. The contractor must have a plan just in case the weather suddenly changes.

You don’t want to get your interior and belongings damaged from leaks during heavy rains. Roofers usually have tarps or plastic covering handy for such situations.

What Is the Timeline for My Project?

Lastly, your roofing contractor must give you the expected timeline for the project. Apart from allowing you to plan your activities, it allows you to prepare everything they may need to accomplish the project on time. A timeline ensures that the contractor is held accountable in case of delays.


You need a professional when planning to repair or install a new roofing system. These are some questions to ask a roofing contractor to ensure you work with the best on the market and get good value for money.