Linda Herrington Elementary School

Linda Herrington Elementary SchoolLinda Herrington Elementary School is an inclusive, driven, and collaborative learning community, inspiring students to embrace any challenges with problem-solving skills. 

Students in this Spanish language and culture institute can find self-worth and joy in their achievements. They also have an opportunity to display compassion towards everyone in the school and a sense of responsibility to the global community. They have access to the following:

  • Engaging partnerships 
  • Individualized learning 
  • Outdoor learning space
  • Collaborative and flexible learning space 
  • College and career option exposure 
  • Integrated technologies 
  • Real-world problem-solving 
  • Cross-integrated lessons 
  • Intercultural and multi-linguistic curriculum 

The school’s community of educators is committed to becoming confident leaders. They make this possible by building a personal connection. They deliver hard work in providing intentional differentiated learning based on every student’s unique social-emotional and academic needs. More information

Here are some of the distinction designations awarded to Linda Herrington Elementary School:

  • Top 25 Percent Comparative Closing the Gaps 
  • Top 25 Percent Comparative Academic Growth 
  • Academic Achievement in Science

Why Parents and Students Choose Linda Herrington Elementary School 

Here are the top reasons plenty of students and parents trust Linda Herrington Elementary School:

Technical Education and Career 

The school offers coursework designed to prepare students in high-demand, high-skill, and high-wage professional and occupational fields. These career-focused opportunities allow them to access over 60 programs dedicated to vocational certifications. 


Besides elementary education, Linda Herrington Elementary School provides prekindergarten for children 4 years old on or before September 1, meets at least one Texas education eligibility requirement, and lives in the district. Click for info

Special Education 

This school offers free appropriate public education to children ages 3 to 21 with:

  • Multiple disabilities 
  • Autism 
  • Speech impairment 
  • Learning disability 
  • Emotional disturbance 
  • Intellectual disability 
  • Traumatic brain injury 
  • Health impairment 
  • Orthopedic impairment 
  • And more

Fine Arts 

The school offers fine arts programs recognized by the State of Texas. These programs include performing and visual arts at all campuses and grade levels. 


Students in all grade levels can participate in different activities associated with physical education. They can join different sports. But programs still vary by campus and grade level. This helps them develop different skills, including sportsmanship, leadership, discipline, focus, and more. 

Service- and Project-Based Learning 

Students in every grade level can participate in instruction built based on an authentic learning experience that engages their motivation and interest alongside valuable services to the community. 

Linda Herrington Elementary School is where young children can find a strong foundation for their future academic success. This is why the school provides them with quality education and training that equips them to succeed not just in school but also in life. 

Lifelong Love of Learning 

The education that the school provides instills a lifelong love of learning. Students are introduced to many ideas and new concepts and equipped with an opportunity to explore these topics more deeply. 

Aside from academics, the school will teach students how to interact with others respectfully and politely. This early training prepares them for future interactions in professional and personal relationships. 

Through specialized learning, students have the best chance to obtain foundational academic skills, including math, writing, science, writing, and reading. The programs are also designed to develop most of their cognitive skills. Quality education is proven to improve problem-solving abilities, math skills, and reading skills. Linda Herrington Elementary School

The community of education in the school feels a different kind of satisfaction knowing they lay the foundation of the futures of the children. They have the ability and experience to ignite interest in different subjects, allowing them to determine the type of learners their students are. 

The teachers here also:

  • Value the building blocks of education
  • Have a broad appreciation for different subjects 
  • Love the excitement and energy that students display 
  • Want to help students with special challenges 
  • Optimism to teach students 
  • Understand the importance of education

Linda Herrington Elementary School’s end goal is to touch the lives of students and develop them to appreciate and value education. They teach not only lessons that students can use in their professional careers in the future but also different aspects of life. 

Important Things About Linda Herrington Elementary School 

  • Address: 2850 Paloma Lake Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665 
  • Phone: +1 512-704-1900
  • Website:
  • Business/School Hours: Monday to Friday (7:45 PM to 3:00 PM), Saturday to Sunday (Closed)