Life Connection Church

Life Connection ChurchLife Connection Church is a Christian congregation at 3109 E Old Settlers Blvd, Round Rock, Texas, serving the community and encouraging, engaging, and seeking others through a Christian journey with life-changing aspects.

The church seeks to be a friendly and loving community worshipping God and serving others. Church members highly prioritize following the example of Jesus and teaching from the bible. 

The church aims to affect and renew the Round Rock community with Jesus Christ’s transforming messages through words and actions. 


A Brief History 

Life Connection Church held its first service in July 1978 at the original Old Settler Park off of I-35 and 620. This service was attended by 15 people.

Land was purchased in CR 1460 in 1979, and the groundbreaking occurred on May 23, 1979. By 1985, Life Connection Church outgrew its facilities, so a metal building and 5 acres of property were purchased on CR 113 to meet its needs, which is now the current location, 3109 E Old Settlers Boulevard.

The church built a two-story educational building in 1986. This Christian school welcomes classes in the fall. Over the years of operations, the church only had 4 pastors. In 2002, Pastors Sylvia and Jim Patterson were elected. 

After a few years, the church has increased in different aspects: outreach, unity, financially, and numerically. The church has also adopted a simple growth strategy. 

The process and purpose of Life Connection Church are to connect people to God, the world, and each other.

A Welcoming Community 

Life Connection ChurchWhen people visit Life Connection Church, they are welcomed by individuals who desire to make everyone feel comfortable. The church does not mind what people wear, so everyone can wear anything they want as long as they feel good and comfortable. This is because they believe God is looking not at our appearance but at our hearts. Extra resources.

In most cases, the services last approximately 90 minutes. The church is open every Sunday from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM and closed from Monday to Saturday. Worship and praise are critical to the service as they believe that God inhibits His people’s praises. So, it is expected that worshipping God will last around 30 minutes. 

Life Connection Church understands that worship varies from person to person. This ensures that everyone will not feel any pressure when interacting with other people around them. Some people cry out, sing out to God, or calp; everyone is welcomed regardless of how their worship looks like. 

When connecting to Life Connection Church, people can send an email. The form includes basic information, such as full name, email address, and phone number. There

 is also a comment section, and other details, such as:

  • Volunteering 
  • I’ve made a decision to follow Jesus 
  • I have a prayer request
  • Connect Groups 
  • Baptism 
  • Other questions/comments 

Life Connection C

hurch brings plenty of benefits in life. The church guides people on how to live a better life, improve their spirituality, and follow God. They can be uplifted by the opportunity to worship and serve and by fellow believers. 

People who attend church services instantly gain a sense of belonging. The church serves as a community where everyone can support each other and socialize. They can make friends and build a support network.

Remember, God can speak to people. This means anyone with questions can find an answer at church. Whether they struggle with a particular situation, need life direction, or want to feel God’s love, they can go to the church and find answers.

As people listen to sermons at Life Connection Church and study the teachings of God, they have an excellent opportunity to receive critical insights from God. Plus, as they communicate with God, they have a clear mind. 

Life Connection Church is where you can communicate with God in a setting where no one would judge you. It is also the place to hear His voice in your mind and heart. 

Anyone who visits Round Rock is welcome to go to this church to meet new people and follow Jesus. 

Important Information About Life Connection Church 

  • Address: 3109 E Old Settlers Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665 
  • Phone: +1 512-255-0552
  • Website: 
  • Business Hours: Monday to Saturday – 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM