Hopewell Middle School

Hopewell Middle School in Round Rock sets high standards to ensure that every student is socially developed and academically successful by providing a wide array of opportunities beyond regular academic and extracurricular activities. Students at Hopewell Middle School have the chance to discover, assess, investigate, and follow their interests and abilities through career academies that concentrate on state-of-the-art design and arts exploration and math, engineering, science, and technology.

Hopewell Middle School Round Rock works collaboratively for the staff and students alike to go beyond school expectations and hopes in citizenship, academics, and community involvement. Hopewell Middle School Round Rock offers a safe, positive, helpful, and compassionate learning setting while preparing the students by ensuring that their curriculum has relevance and rigor with a concentration on developing positive relationships. Next Article

Short Overview of Hopewell Middle School

There are three Hopewell Schools in Round Rock. The first was the separate school for African-American learners from 1922 to 1996. The school opened the existing Hernandez Middle School location from 1996 to 2002. Hopewell Middle School was changed to a Ninth Grade Center for Stony Point High School, and the current Hopewell Middle School was developed in Gulf Way in Round Rock, Texas.


The proudly, varied, and assorted Hopewell Middle School Community offer a pleasant and inviting setting for everyone, both students and staff, in which they feel secure, community members and parents feel welcome, and teachers and coaches feel supported by school leadership.

Hopewell Middle School Round Rock is dedicated to retaining and recruiting the state of the art educators and learners who are helpful, supportive, and motivating of all learners and have a development mindset about academics and their profession.

Friendly and Skilled Faculty Members

The faculty members are skilled, friendly, and focused on the development of the students. They recognize the value and worth of each student enrolling in the school and empower them in student-centered classrooms of partnership and collaboration, challenging lessons, and relevant learning. This is obtained via efficient, professional learning community, or PLC for short, meetings wherein educators and teachers are cohesive, collaborative, and helpful to each other while continuously reflecting and boosting upon their crafts. Hopewell Middle School faculty members capture students’ hearts while they live by the Go Green Core values of:

Providing students and parents alike with respectful and responsible

  • Expectation is high
  • New start every day
  • Eager to learn
  • Hopewell Hornets are family, forever and always here, no matter what.


The mission of Hopewell Middle School is to offer opportunities that challenge, nurture and guide every student to reach and obtain their utmost potential and be accountable, respectful citizens, productive and lifelong learners in an ever-changing, culturally diverse world by providing a technologically and academically challenging curriculum.

Hopewell Middle School envisions its campus as a place:

  • Community and family involvement is an essential part of the educational process
  • Where learners are challenged to obtain and reach their utmost academic potential
  • Where the setting is conducive to efficient learning and teaching
  • Where students have the chance to become successful
  • Where respect and pride are evident and be a vital part of the learning process.

Hopewell Middle School Athletics

Hopewell Middle School athletics provides a diverse, complete program made as a vital part of the overall educational experience. The school believes in offering the learners the opportunity to learn about an array of diverse athletic opportunities, which takes account of team and individual sports as well as wellness and health-related activities, to experience the lessons of sportsmanship and teamwork, as well as to develop fundamental games techniques and skills in a motivating and very challenging atmosphere. Navigate To This Link

Learners join in one athletic offering for every season. Competition levels differ by program and team, with many teams competing against another campus, while some are mode recreational and developmental.

Athletic programs offered include the following:

  • Running
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Soccer

The objective of the Athletic Program

  • To encourage and need sportsmanship as well as citizenship all the time
  • To give an encouraging, engaging, and enjoyable setting
  • To motivate self-discipline, dedication as well as a strong work ethic
  • To provide a chance for individual and team success
  • To look after a passion for athletic excellence and achievement
  • To grow and build leadership, confidence, resiliency, respect, and integrity
  • To foster an appreciation for the perk of physical fitness and health
  • To have fun and at the same time promote mental, social as well as physical development, image, and capability

Hopewell Middle School Amenities 

The Hopewell Middle School design tech classroom is a lively learning setting that keeps growing and developing as learners settle into the new room. The classroom is stocked with an array of learning materials, from laser cutters to 3D printers. The goal is to give students a chance to discover their passion and build innovative solutions to issues in the community, school, and world. 

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