Greater Austin Dance Academy

Greater Austin Dance AcademyDo you want to improve your dance skills? Are you planning to enroll in a musical theater? Then, Greater Austin Dance Academy is waiting for you.

The Dance Company is dedicated to students who are serious about dancing and wish to learn more. The Music Theater is suitable for kids who want to boost their singing, dancing, and acting potential. 

Greater Austin Dance Academy resides in a 6,000 square feet facility. They have five studios dedicated to different classes. These studios feature state-of-the-art sound systems, video monitors, viewing windows, and springwood floors. 

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The dance academy’s largest studio also acts as a performance space alongside impressive theatrical lighting. Upon entering the building, students, teachers, and visitors are welcomed by a generous lobby, complete with a retail corner, two changing rooms, three restrooms, and Wi-Fi connectivity to keep everyone comfortable and enjoy great convenience. 

Guiding Self-Confidence and Teaching Creativity Through Dance 

Greater Austin Dance Academy believes that through dance, someone can build self-confidence and develop creativity. They offer more than 80 classes every week. Boys and girls aged two years up to over 18 can join any of these classes. 

Every student will not only gain confidence and learn how to focus but also discover the importance of discipline and having fun. They ensure that every student will love and get excited to come to dance class. The teachers will not only deliver high-quality lessons but also share the love of dance in the process. 

Students in this dance school experience joy while dancing. They also enjoy endless possibilities. They discover and enhance skills they can use in the future, regardless of their chosen career path. 

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Below are some classes interested kids can join:

  • Intro to dance 
  • Creative Movement I
  • Creative Movement II
  • Ballet/Tap Combo I
  • Ballet/Tap Combo II
  • Hip-Hop I
  • Level I
  • Level II
  • Level III Ballet/Tap/Jazz
  • Hip-Hop II
  • Level A Ballet/Tap/Jazz
  • Level III Ballet/Tap/Jazz
  • Level IV/INT Ballet/Tap/Jazz
  • Level V/ADV Ballet/Tap/Jazz
  • Level B Ballet/Tap/Jazz
  • Level C Ballet/Tap/Jazz
  • Level D Ballet/Tap/Jazz
  • Hip-Hop 
  • SSLT (Stretch, Strength, Leaps, and Turns)
  • Beginner/Int Classes 
  • Intermediate Classes

The Musical Storytellers 

Greater Austin Dance Academy’s musical theater offers the Musical Storytellers, which is ideal for those seeking more advanced materials as well as longer productions. 

These advanced teaching productions were created for kids who enjoy a lot of rehearsals at home and already have a strong base in dance, acting, and vocals. Most of these kids have several years of experience in production. 

Anyone with a deep passion for musical theater can join Greater Austin Dance Academy’s musical storytellers season. From there, they can obtain the understanding, guidance, and experience they will need to pursue their desired careers in the performing arts. 

Greater Austin Dance Academy

Why Kids Join Greater Austin Dance Academy

Music and dance are critical for kids today. And joining Greater Austin Dance Academy enables them to receive educational, emotional, and mental benefits through exposure to dance and music. 

Children can develop innovation skills when encouraged to express themselves through music, performance, and acting. They build positive self-esteem and confidence and take expressive risks. 

Another reason why joining dance and musical theater classes are advantageous is that kids can improve their social skills. Dance, acting or vocal groups, and music ensembles allow children to develop critical life skills, such as discipline, leadership skills, teamwork, and how to relate to others. 

As children develop skills in acting, vocals, and dance and improve these skills through practice and repetition, they build a higher level of confidence in themselves. The dance academy will help them see and feel how hard work, commitment, and dedication pay off. 

All classes at Greater Austin Dance Academy will teach students the critical concepts of discipline, like commitment to the routine. And this discipline will benefit them in different aspects of life. 

Dance and musical theater lessons will not only keep kids busy but also provide them necessary skills and discoveries. The lessons and skills they can learn from the academy are not only valuable for the present but also advantageous for the path they want to take in the future. 

Important Information About Greater Austin Dance Academy 

  • Address: 2641 Forest Creek Dr, Round Rock, TX 78665 
  • Phone: +1 512-828-4232
  • Website: 
  • Business Hours: Monday to Thursday (9:00 AM to 9:00 PM), Friday (Closed), Saturday (9:00 AM to 9:00 PM), Sunday (Closed)