Gold Glove Complex

Do you love watching softball or baseball tournaments? Are you planning to visit Round Rock to see different sports facilities? Then, Gold Glove Complex should be part of your bucket list.

Round Rock, Texas, is no doubt an incredible destination when it comes to beautiful parks, top-notch restaurants, historical museums, and picturesque botanical gardens. Whether you want to take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle or explore the cityscape, Round Rock has everything you want.

However, Round Rock is also an excellent sports destination. It features some of the best sports venues in the state, including basketball, soccer, baseball, and volleyball sports events. It hosts fun and exciting sporting events that every player and sports fan would love to join. And Gold Glove Complex is the city’s pride in hosting exciting games. 

Great Place for Sports Lovers, Players, and Whole Family 

Gold Glove Complex is one of the best sports venues in Round Rock, Texas. It offers plenty of parking while the files are very nice. The complex itself is huge, so visitors should know where they are going ahead of time. Read More

Interestingly, fields are marked by numbers. This makes it for the players and fans to find their places. Kids who are interested or already engaged in sports will find the sports complex a great place. It is also a family-friendly venue. 

This sports facility encompasses plenty of baseball fields. Serious players and sports enthusiasts would appreciate these multiple baseball fields. The complex’s concession stand offers advantages for every league.

Gold Glove Complex is also a place to enjoy lots of sunflower seeds in different flavors and tasty hot dogs. There are also sports drinks, soft drinks, and other snack favorites.

The sports venue’s restrooms have a complete stock of hand soap and tissue paper and are always clean. There are also electric hand dryers to dry hands in a hurry. Source

Gold Glove Complex’s fields are well-cared for. Each team is responsible for cleaning areas of trash after each game. The sports facility offers players the following fields:

  • Mays Field – 250 feet, 6 inches (with lighting)
  • Polo Grounds IV – 250 feet, 6 inches (with lighting)
  • Clemente Field – 250 feet, 6 inches (with lighting)
  • Robinson Field – 220 feet, 8 inches (with lighting)
  • Bench Field – 220 feet, 8 inches (with lighting)

This sports location is located close to the sports venue Cy Young Complex and pitch Batting Cage. Meanwhile, here are other landmarks and sports venues near Gold Glove Complex:

  • Silver Slugger Complex (sports venue) – 450 meters west 
  • Old Settlers Park (park)
  • Apex Soccer Fields (sports venue) -590 meters west 
  • Soil Conservation Service Site 17 Reservoir (reservoir) 
  • Old Settlers Park Tennis Courts (sports venue) – 800 meters west
  • Field 8 (pitch) – 1 kilometer west 
  • Exxon (Petrol station) – 470 meters northeast 
  • Harrington Elementary School (school) – 1 ¼ kilometers north 
  • Settlers Express (convenience store) – 480 meters northeast 
  • Mathnasium (building) – 1 ¼ kilometers south 
  • Maintenance Area (parking lot) – 1 kilometer west 
  • Dollar Tree (variety store) 1 ¼ kilometer south 

Top Eateries Near Gold Glove Complex 

While visitors can enjoy food vendors inside the complex, they can still explore different eateries near the complex. Here are the top recommendations:

Salt Lick BBQ 

Salt Lick BBQ offers delicious barbecues and American and Southwestern cuisines. They also have gluten-free options. They offer a comprehensive menu for lunch, dinner, and late-night snacks. Guests should try turkey, pulled pork, brisket, and pork ribs. Plus, the staff is very friendly. 

Shipley Do-Nuts 

Shipley Do-Nuts is one of the most visited bakeries and fast food options near the sports venue. It specializes in delicious donuts. But locals and tourists can try kolaches. They can choose from large selections, from energizing coffee to fresh donuts. 

Chicken Express 

Chicken Express is a perfect destination who crave chicken. They can choose a wide variety of chicken dishes. The restaurant offers American cuisine with lunch and dinner options. They should not miss the fried chicken tenders with white country gravy and mashed potatoes. Previous customers described the fried chicken as “crispy on the outside, fresh and moist on the inside.”

Torchys Tacos 

Torchy’s Tacos is famous for serving authentic Mexican and Southwestern cuisines. They have special diet offerings, such as gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian-friendly options. They have an interesting menu for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The food options are flavorful and tasty. They also have a wide selection of beverages. 


Masfajitas is another restaurant near Gold Glove Complex that offers Mexican and Southwestern cuisines. They have a comprehensive menu for lunch, dinner, and drinks. The restaurant’s features include table service, reservations, wheelchair accessibility, television, and takeout. 

The Kenney Fort Pub 

The Kenney Fort Pub is a perfect destination to try British cuisine with a wide array of lunch and dinner options. Guests should not miss the Fish & Chips or Bangers & Mash. 

Important Information About Gold Glove Complex 

  • Address: Gold Glove Complex, Round Rock, TX 78665