Eagles Nest Community Park

Eagles Nest Community ParkSince opening its doors, Eagles Nest Community Park has obtained a perfect balance between perfect luxury and simple convenience. Located in the city’s heart, this place offers the whole thing you want to take pleasure in your stay.

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Inspired by the nearby landscape, Eagles Nest Community Park was made to make your visit an exceptional, comfortable, and fun experience. The grounds are spacious, the rates are competitive, and the service is unmatched.

The team behind this park knows that traveling can be overwhelming and exhausting and will do their very best to make the stay pleasing and satisfying. Visit the place to learn more about the park and the amenities offered, and keep in touch if there is anything else they can help with.

It doesn’t matter if you love stargazing or watching a stunning sunset or sunrise; the Eagle Nest Community Park sets the stage. With panoramic sights and a lookout over the many acres of conservation, this is the best place to visit. This park is fully armed with an air-conditioned lookout room, restrooms, picnic tables, a barbecue grill, and a stunningly made top deck to take pleasure in the nature has to give.

The park provides easy access to a section of protected land, complete with lakes, trails, and lots of wildlife. A stunning lookout spot with an installed fire pit makes it a wonderful location for stargazing. The Eagles Nest Community Park allows all residents to come to enjoy a picturesque and beautiful vista view over the most north hill country of Texas.  

Facilities and Amenities Offered

 Eagles Nest Community Park is at 3811 Eagles Nest St, Round Rock, TX 78665. This is considered an ideal place to visit for a family picnic, jogging, walking on the pleasant paved pathways, and watching many species of birds. You may see herons, eagles, storks, osprey, and a whole lot more. 

If you are in the Round Rock area, stop by and take pleasure in the facilities offered by the community park.

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Eagles Nest Community Park has benches, pavilions, and softball fields that are well-maintained. Bike racks, public parking, restrooms, and drinking fountains are also available for the guests if they want to drink after an hour of playing and walking. You can’t go wrong with a visit to this fantastic and clean community park.

Eagles Nest Community Park

Features of Eagles Nest Community Park

This is one of the best community parks in Round Rock city. 

  • Grills: There are lots of grilling stations inside the park to make your picnic more memorable. 
  • Picnic Tables: There are lots of picnic tables awaiting the family who wants to spend their time in the park. 
  • Restroom Facilities: The restrooms are clean and well maintained 
  • Baseball Field: The baseball field is neat and well maintained 
  • Lighted Athletic Field: There is also an athletic field for those who want to sweat. 

Other Facilities 

  • Lighting
  • Multiuse Fields
  • Pavillion
  • Playground
  • Tennis Courts


Park Services

Park Services supervises the accessibility and safety of the parks, amenities, systems, and equipment. The department makes sure that the whole thing, from picnic areas to landscaping, irrigation systems, to playground equipment, stays quality for the community. You can call the service department to report a concern or question in the parks.

Athletic Fields

Eagles Nest Community Park provides playing fields for scoring, softball and baseball. The soccer field is natural turf, while synthetic and natural turf ball field is available. Fields might be leased by the day, for tournament schedules or seasonally. Amenities at every facility differ but might include lights, concessions, and field preparation public address system. You can call customer service to identify the facility which meets your needs best.

Permits and Forms 

Eagles Nest Community Park needs permits to do business on any of the properties, including video shoots and commercial photography, big events, and other activities that might interfere with park activities. Additionally, rentals need insurance and might also necessitate different permits. Forms are required for the program, public records and class registration, and application of district images and logos. Download and complete forms and licenses. You can call the district office for further details regarding the permit as well as form requirements.

Important Information to Remember