Directions for Water Damage Restoration

    The following steps are usually taken by a professional contractor to rebuild a home or business after a water leak has caused water damage

    Water Damage Restoration is the Process of Removing Water Damaged Materials and Repairing the home back to new

    Removed kitchen fixtures during a water damage restoration

    Water Leak – A water leak is usually caused by an appliance or pipes that have burst or just has a defect. Sometimes the water leak may be slow moving and you really can’t even perceive that you are loosing water into your home. Other times a water leak can be very sudden and you can hear and see it immediately. You don’t want to have water running in your home for too long this can cause the building materials to weaken and deteriorate. Also, you perhaps can have to have a mold remediation expert come look at your water leak to assess it’s damages to your home.

    • The first step is to Stop the Water Leak

    Water Damage – Water damages from various types of leaks can be very devastating if the leak has had a chance to go on for more than a couple days. When this happens water begins to find it’s way into many different areas of your home, following gravity and the natural slope of the materials. If you see water leaking, the first step is to turn off the water. Second, depending if the water has leaked into the walls and under the cabinets, you will need to begin first by vacuuming, pumping, or mopping up the visible water. Thirdly, you need to access the areas of your walls or cabinets or ceilings where the water has had a chance to gather, and begin blowing and exchanging fresh air into the area. This can take up to 3 days to completely dry a water damaged area, after you have opened the cabinets or drywall to get to the water leak.

    • The second step is to Assess the Water Damage

    Water Restoration – This happens after you have completely dried the water damaged area. Now you are ready to begin Water Damage Restoration and carefully remove the damaged areas. It is important to assess how much of your homes building materials that you need to deconstruct. Generally, if water has had a chance to permeate the wood or drywall, it begins to lose it’s integrity. Now, you need to rebuild your walls, and baseboards, or cabinets to new condition.

    • The Third step is to Repair Your Home from Water Damages – This is what is called Water Damage Restoration

      Water Damages in your home need restored to be back to new condition after a water leak

      Water Damage Restoration is the process of removing water damage from your home