Amazon Distribution Center

Amazon Distribution Center is a distribution service located at 3100 Chisholm Trail Road, Round Rock, Texas. 

This distribution center is part of e-commerce giant Amazon’s quick expansion in Central Texas. The company has signed a lease for the whole 442,000 square foot space in Chisholm Trail Trade Center, a new industrial project in Round Rock.

This transaction is said to be one of the most significant industrial leases signed in Central Texas for the past years. The distribution facility’s size is roughly equivalent to 8 Walmart retail stores. Initially, the operating space required 220,000 square feet but ended by leading three buildings. This provides more room for parking.

Amazon will operate the distribution facility at Chisholm Trail, consisting of 180,700 square feet of space. Two other buildings are used: one with over 170,000 square feet of space and the other with more than 90,000 square feet of space for the facility’s parking needs. Helpful Link

How Does Amazon Distribution Center Work?

The Amazon Distribution Center is the heart of Amazon’s e-commerce operations in Round Rock. This huge warehouse plays a critical role in the company’s strategy in fulfilling customer orders and housing inventories from third-party sellers. And here’s how it works:

Receives Inventory from Third-Party Sellers 

Amazon Distribution Center will receive an inventory from a third-party seller who uses the Amazon marketplace when selling products. Then, the stock is stored in the facility until it is old. Once customers order the products, they are being pulled from the shelves and shipped to them. 

Performs Customer Order Fulfillment 

Amazon Distribution Center is also responsible for fulfilling orders from customers who directly bought from Amazon’s official website. After being electronically received, orders are picked, packed, and shipped by the distribution center’s workers. Click Here

Ship Products to Customer 

After the order fulfillment, products are sent to the customers through the shipping partners of Amazon. Generally, products are delivered to customers in between one and two days. 

What to Expect from Amazon Distribution Center in Round Rock?

Have you ever wondered how the magic happens after clicking “buy” on Amazon? Do you imagine a massive warehouse filled with handcrafts while the books are in one place? Then, picture this:

  • Different robots balance towers of products twirling in
  • Miles of conveyor belts and ramps carry inventory across the facility 
  • Shipping labels fly onto boxes

In reality, the scale can be tricky to grasp. For example, the Amazon Distribution Center in Round Rock spans 442,000 square feet of space and holds millions of products on a given day. Despite having these items, the temperatures are remarkably comfortable. 

The products on the inbound dock are get taken off trailers by forklift. Freight is separated between those coming directly from vendors and another facility. 

Rather than storing products as retail, all Amazon Distribution Center’s inventories are stowed randomly. Computers track tiered pod stack bins with unrelated items. This helps the associates quickly and easily pick and pack multiple products. 

Based on product sizes, robots will then transfer those pods to associates at the stow stations. This also involves 2D barcode navigation on the floor. The stower search for space suitable to each item before stowing it into the pod. This makes that product available for purchase on the Amazon website. 

Amazon Distribution Center has “pickers” who act like personal shoppers. They pluck hundreds to thousands of items per day to fulfill every customer’s order. Once the orders come in, robots will bring the pods with items to associates at pick stations. Pickers will read the screen. They will also retrieve the correct items from the bins and place them into the tote, a yellow plastic box. 

These robots allow more inventories to pass through Amazon Distribution Center by transporting tons of pods on every floor with millions of items stowed inside. This requires more associates to handle those inventories. 

Different teams ensure a smooth fulfillment process. There is the Inventory Control, and Quality Assurance team ensures that the physical location of an item matches the data in the computer. Since robots still need support, Amnesty Floor Monitors check whether the floors are clear. They also reset the units if necessary.

Items for different shipments are organized and scanned to ensure accuracy. They are sent to the pack station, and a computer system will recommend the appropriate box sizes to associates. There is also a machine that will measure the exact tape amount needed. Most items are shipped with original boxes, so reducing packaging is necessary. At this point, no shipping label is required. This is because machines will handle it to keep the process efficient and protect customers’ privacy.

Packed boxes and envelopes are the race underneath Scan, Label, Apply, Manifest (SLAM) machines to deposit the shipping labels with speed. The package is also weighted to ensure the content matches the order. 

Important Information About Amazon Distribution Center 

  • Address: 3100 Chisholm Trail Rd, Round Rock, TX 78681